At IonQ, we are developing industry-leading, general-purpose quantum computers to address a broad array of applications. In the process, we hope to revolutionize computing as we know it by unleashing the power of quantum.

Since the personal computing revolution kicked off in the 1970s, computers have improved by leaps and bounds as transistors have decreased in size and increased in power in accordance with Moore's Law. In fact, today's smartphones are orders of magnitude more powerful than any of the early supercomputers. Despite these advances, however, there remains a multitude of large, complex, and important problems that cannot be addressed by even the world's most powerful computers today. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that solutions to these problems will ever be within reach, now that transistors are approaching the size of individual atoms, a scale at which classical physics breaks down entirely.

Quantum computing represents a radical departure from classical computing and has the potential to overcome these limitations by embracing the quantum phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, that emerge at atomic scale. Quantum computers' ability to perform incredibly complex calculations and data processing exponentially faster than classical computers opens up a world of possible commercial and scientific applications. The potential is staggering, and though we are still in the early days of quantum computing, we anticipate that the technology will transform industries and facilitate breakthroughs in areas as disparate as machine learning, molecular interaction simulation, financial analysis, cryptography, materials design, logistics optimization, and big data search.

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IONQ is developing world-leading general-purpose quantum information processors. Our unique trapped ion approach combines unmatched physical performance, perfect qubit replication, optical networkability, and highly-optimized algorithms to create a quantum computer that is as scalable as it is powerful and that will support a broad array of applications across a variety of industries.

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We're Hiring

Full Stack Engineer

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer


IonQ is building the world's first fully-expressive, full-stack quantum computer based on trapped ion technology. Quantum computing is poised to reshape medicine, materials, simulation, and much more. We're looking for a few great engineers and designers to build out our Quantum Operating System and Cloud offering. The full software stack covers the lowest level FPGA hardware interfaces up through a kernel, compilers, languages and cloud APIs.

To support our rapid growth, we're hiring creative, collaborative engineers with top skills in their areas of expertise and a commitment to success. We're currently seeking candidates for our College Park location. US citizenship is preferred.



Full Stack Software Engineer

Our quantum computer runs on lasers, but the lasers are controlled by Node.js. Yes, you read that right! We orchestrate heterogenous controllers and servos with JavaScript. Our API and cloud IDE are all JavaScript, too. In short, if you love JS but also want to be part of the next evolution in computing, we want you.


  • Develop APIs and frontends
  • Contribute ideas for new features and identify areas for improvement proactively
  • Write clean, testable, scalable and well-documented code

Required Skills/Education:

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent preferred
  • Strong foundation in data structures and software design, and math!
  • Fluency with NodeJS and React
  • Comfortable collaborating in an interdisciplinary startup environment


  • History of open source contributions
  • Design opinions
  • Devops skills
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Love of pixel-perfect CSS, lasers, and ping pong

Lead Mechanical Engineer

We're looking for an experienced, creative mechanical engineer. You’ll work closely with physicists and engineers from other disciplines to develop specifications and build hardware. You should be self-motivated, self-directed, and innovative, with a great attitude and work ethic!


  • Mechanical design and packaging of quantum computer components
  • Turn high-level requirements into detailed specifications
  • Design parts and assemblies
  • Manage vendor models
  • Investigate, diagnose, and solve mechanical problems

Required Skills/Education:

  • BS or MS Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Outstanding 3D modeling skills (we use Onshape, but will consider candidates strong in any CAD package)
  • 2-3 years experience
  • Hands-on experience in milling, lathe, and CNC operation
  • 3D printer operation
  • Familiarity working with manufacturers and fabricators
  • Ability to estimate costs

Desired Skills:

  • Mechanical design for electronics (e.g., enclosures, mounting hardware, etc)
  • Working knowledge of vacuum chambers and optical systems
  • Love of lasers and 80/20

Electrical Engineer


  • Electronic circuit design including part creation, schematic capture and PCB layout
  • Create new or revise existing designs using Altium Designer
  • Research and define electronic components and modules
  • Electronics assembly of boards and subsystems
  • Soldering
  • Board rework
  • Cable assembly
  • Computer racks and enclosure assembly
  • Electronics testing and debugging
  • Board level bench testing
  • System integration and troubleshooting
  • Providing technical task level of effort estimation

Required Skills/Education:

  • BS or MS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related
  • Some experience working in a lab setting
  • Strong understanding of the fundamentals of electronics
  • 0+ years experience (we're looking for both junior and senior engineers)

Desired Skills:

  • High speed design (FPGA I/O, LVDS, PCI Express, SATA, Memory, Ethernet)
  • Analog design (op amps, power supplies, voltage references, analog switches)
  • Knowledge of RF/Microwave/Optics (amplifiers, splitters/combiners, photodetectors)
  • Experience using oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers
  • Mechanical design for electronics (e.g. enclosures, mounting hardware, heatsinks, etc.)
  • 3D CAD for mechanical drafting, drawings and design
  • Firmware development using verilog for Xilinx/Altera FPGA’s
  • Love of lasers